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No Trauma, No Bildung, No Party. F. Scott Fitzgerald, l’età del jazz e Basil Duke Lee

F. Scott Fitzgerald did not allow his characters to reach adulthood. Amory Blaine (This Side of Paradise), Benjamin Button, Jay Gatsby, and many others, are exemplary of the author’s intention to comment on the immaturity that characterized what he had termed “the Jazz Age”. Basil Duke Lee, a young character to whom he devoted nine stories at the end of the Twenties, is particularly relevant because he represents Fitzgerald’s first step into a sustained critique that developed into the epochal “Echoes of the Jazz Age”. In this essay, following Basil from childhood to late adolescence, I want to argue that the series presents an anti-Bildungsroman which captures the arrested development of the age.

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Sara Antonelli
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Il Bildungsroman negli Stati Uniti: una storia problematica
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