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Aims and Scope

History of the Journal

Ácoma’s scope and areas of interest are American Studies. By this we mean the past and present United States considered both in its broadest cultural sense, and as the nexus and node of a system of international relations. Ácoma’s editorial team and advisory committee comprise scholars of literature and history, and while its publications draw mainly from these research fields, we welcome articles that explore areas intersecting cultures, genres and disciplines. The journal was originally conceived within academia and for academia, but its aim has always been to reach a wider public. Rigorous reseach and profound critical observations match a multidisciplinary perspective, striving for readability for a lay audience. Ácoma  publishes original essays by Italian or international scholars; interviews; review essays showcasing bibliographic updates, and reflecting the current debates; shorter pieces addressing crucial issues within the international academic community; American literary texts with parallel text in translation. Occasionally, the journal translates articles published elsewhere because they are deemed noteworthy to enter the Italian academic arena.